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About Us

Who we are and what we believe:

Regardless of what we ride and why we ride, we’ve all experienced those brief moments of perfection that happen while out on a ride. We’ve heard the perfect silence of a finely tuned road bike. We’ve taken that difficult corner just perfectly during the local cross race. We’ve been inspired by the sports greats over the years. And we’re always searching for more of those little moments that make this sport of our so beautiful. 

Ultimately, we believe that perfection can be found (and sometimes created) in the details of everything that any of us do.  Our commitment to you, our fellow cyclist, that we will continually strive to design and build the most perfect products possible.  We will study and share the most up to date data and science that can help create your next perfect ride.  We will seek out the finest materials sourced in the most ethically and environmentally responsible ways possible.  We will support our products with spares and replacement parts for as long as possible, because we know that the perfect pump, is yours.  The one you've had as long as you can remember.  The one that's never let you down, the one that's dirty and battered, the one that appears on so many of your great stories, from so many great trips, and so many great rides with so many great friends.